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Free repairs
If the product stops functioning within 1 year after purchase (product warranty period), a free repair is available.
(Even during the period of the free service, a service charge may be incurred if it involves the paid standard services in the warranty.)

Paid repair
1. If it is not a malfunction

  • When a reinstallation is needed because the agency has installed the parts incorrectly (a fee occurs from the second installation)
  • In the case of an installation failure or a failure due to the movement of the product, etc.
  • In the case of a malfunction due to the incorrect installation or use of the consumer

2. If the malfunction is caused by a customer fault

  • If a malfunction occurs due to the careless handling of the consumer or an improper repair
  • In the case of a malfunction due to a wrong electric capacity
  • In the case of a failure or damage during use or dropping the product when moving
  • In the case of trouble due to the use of unspecified consumables
  • If trouble occurs because a non B&B Tech technician or a non-designated partner has repaired the

3. Other cases

  • Malfunctions due to natural disasters (fire, water damage, floods, etc.)
  • When the consumable parts have reached the end of their lifespan (cartridges, handpieces, lamps,

A/S Center
You can access our service by contacting your local distributor or your local dealer.

* The above information may vary depending on the agreement established with each country or local distributor.
* The parts retention period is five years.
* Failure to do so may result in a charge if you request service. Please check the user manual again.